Are you aware that vacuum cleaners actually cease cleaning after 10 to 15 minutes of use Sadly, it's true. Yes, perhaps the Dyson, Oreck, and Kirby vacuum cleaners! Each of them claim to have the earth's best suction; yet they all stop cleansing ten to fifteen minutes after being turned on as well as used.

Guess what. Suction does not have anything to do with vacuuming and the actual cleaning process. This may shock an individual, but the fact remains which what is called "Air Flow" in a hoover is the actual push that does the actual cleaning. Therefore, if you use any type or any kind of brand name bag or filter vacuum, you truly are only cleaning for any period of ten to fifteen min's. After that timeframe has transpired, you are actually start to bury the filth and dirt back into your rugs and carpeting.

Please i want to explain. I was an award winning Rainbow rep for fifteen years, and i also did ten in-home presentations per week of the earth's best home or office cleaning system: the Range vacuum and air purifying unit. Which means over a fifteen year period I did nearly 8,000 in-home Spectrum vacuum demonstrations. I usually had ten others in the field from my office performing ten in-home demonstrations weekly also. area rug 14 That means almost 90,000 in-home Rainbow demonstrations within a fifteen year period of time. When we finished the in-home Rainbow demonstration, I can tell you that all 90,000 families in which saw the one hr demonstration in their own houses were shocked, ravaged and totally embarrassed with the bag or perhaps filter vacuum that they had. All of them wanted the Rainbow system. I am positive that we could have sold a Range to each of the 90,000 families if they had had the financial means to have purchased one at the time.

We had the particular husband turn out the lights in the family area, and we then scraped the carpeting as well as furniture with a big brush. After that, all of us quickly turned on a little but very powerful handheld light (similar to one used in Hollywood to make movies). What the households saw was surprising; the whole room has been full of clouds regarding dust and dirt. It looked like areas of a fog associated with moving particles; many mothers and fathers asked their kids to leave the room right away. The odd factor is that in sunshine and even at night when using regular light bulbs, these clouds are present as we walk across the carpeting, sit down on our furniture, and while the toddlers and children play on the carpeting. Nonetheless, you can't actually start to see the clouds of dust, dirt, and filth unless you darken the room and turn on that powerful "Hollywood" light. Consequently, individuals, families and children breathe this soil, filth, and dust to their lungs, and physicians state that this is the primary cause of allergies and also among children under the age of eight. Furthermore, the rate of those suffering from allergic reactions has risen 60% during the last twenty years.

Why do I mention this terrible condition which is based in the home This grime, filth, and dust is within our furniture, carpets, and carpeting due to the fact all bag as well as filter vacuums cease cleaning between several and ten minutes.

Yet wait! You say that after you are done utilizing your bag or filtration system vacuum that all of the furniture and carpeting looks great as well as clean.

Get ready to become shocked. During each Rainbow in-home demonstration that individuals did in that 15 year period, here's what we found. Each and every bag and filtration system vacuum (which the families owned), has 1000s of tiny holes in it. When it didn't, the carrier in the vacuum would certainly blow up when it is full of the air that is becoming sucked in from the vacuum motor. Whenever we turned on these vacuums in the family's darkened living rooms and shone the intense Hollywood light, we got millions of small particles (some which were definitely toxic) come out of the particular vacuum bag or the area around the filtration system. Within one minute, the complete living room was completely filled with the fog of dust, grime, and filth. But wait...when we rapidly turned on the lamps in the room this fog totally disappeared. The family usually wanted to abandon the room immediately after the lights were out and the bright Hollywood light exposed what was appearing out of the vacuum hand bags and filters. Nonetheless, when the lights were turned back upon and the fog faded, they did not have any difficulty being in the room. I assume the old adage was wrong; what you cannot see, can indeed damage you. Isn't it remarkable that anyone who do the weekly cleaning in their homes in no way saw nor realized that they and their loved ones were being exposed to this kind of toxic fog because they vacuumed in extensive daylight

Why is the fog toxic The actual dirt and filth which is in a vacuum cleaner bag is saved in a family's wardrobe for a week, the dark and enclosed area. There isn't any much better place for bacteria to grow. Then the family member provides the vacuum away a week later, turns that on to "clean," and out comes this bacteria laden dust and dirt in to the family's air. These kinds of toxins remain in air for up to twelve hours so that when members of the family come home, they also are subjected to it. After ten to twelve hours, this airborne dirt and dust, dirt, filth, and also bacteria fall down on to our furniture, flooring, and bedding. During demonstrations, we identified something else very scary which was happening with every bag and also filter vacuum which was being used in houses. They all stopped cleansing between ten as well as fifteen minutes. Why Once all of those tiny allergens of dust, dirt, and filth move through the thousands of openings in the vacuum's bag or even filter, the larger particles of dirt and filth are drawn toward the holes and they begin to put up those openings in the vacuum carrier or filter. Once these holes tend to be plugged, the vacuum cleaner loses what is called air flow. All bag as well as filter vacuums require air to flow through the holes in order for right now there to be air flow. The truth is, it is actually the air which is flowing through the pockets in the bag and filters that draws the dirt and also filth off of the flooring and furniture. It is not suction that achieves this task. You need ventilation in order to clean. Perhaps you have noticed that after you have been cleaning for a short period of your time that the vacuum cannot pick up a simple string or paper clip off of the carpeting For the reason that the vacuum carrier or filter is clogged with the greater particles and it has dropped its air flow. Nevertheless, if you place your hand at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner or put your hand over the open end of a vacuum hose pipe, you still feel tremendous suction. What exactly performs this mean It means that you are not cleaning or collecting anything. So, all of us ask ourselves how is it that our carpeting looks so nice and clean when we are done vacuuming This kind of feat is accomplished by what is called the beater bar (the roller with bristles) which revolves around and is situated at the bottom of every hoover. This beater bar re-writes rapidly, separates the carpet fiber, and enables the dirt and filth that can't be acquired to fall among the carpet fibers. Then the carpet fibers close, the dirt disappears, and voila! The home's carpeting looks clean. Remember that string or paper cut that the vacuum won't pick up Items which are larger like these can not be "hidden" back in the carpeting!

1. They force out millions of poisonous particles of dirt and bacteria to the air via the holes in the bag or filter. These contaminants remain in the air for up to twelve hours and then they fall down on to your furniture, carpeting, and bedding. During this period of time, the person who will be cleaning and other relatives are breathing this toxic bacteria into their lung area.

2. After the 10 minute period of harming the air ends, greater particles of filth and dirt commence to clog the holes of the bag or filter because they are to big to pass through the holes. The hoover loses air flow as well as stops cleaning. Only then do we find that the beater bar spins on the carpeting, separates the carpet fibers, and the dirt drops in between those fibres and is buried heavy into our carpeting.

The Rainbow makes use of water instead of a tote or filter. Drinking water traps 99.997% of most dirt, filth, dustmites and their fecal matter and traps it all inside a swirling bath associated with water inside of the Spectrum. You see, once the filth is in the water, it may never re-enter into your indoor environment because the drinking water traps it. Water does not have any holes just like bags or filters do. So, nothing escapes from the Spectrum vacuum back into your air. The water can't get clogged, either, because again, h2o does not have any holes. Thus, the Rainbow vacuum never loses ventilation. Therefore, when you vacuum with the Rainbow you are never polluting the air, and you actually clean 100% of that time period that you are using it.

The particular Rainbow truly is the best available home cleansing system on the market. It genuinely does what vacuum cleaners only say they certainly...the Rainbow washes!